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Jack Cooke

50th Anniversary of the Commissioning of the USS Luce

50 years ago the US Navy honored one of it’s illustrious officers and visionaries by naming a ship after him. That visionary was Stephen Bleecker Luce, who rose up from the ranks from his first commission as Midshipman from President Van Buren to Admiral and founder of the Naval War College. And Admiral Luce was […]

More on Caroline Johnson

  The earlier entry on Caroline sparked some interest and contact with a distant cousin, Sharon Risvold. Sharon is the great-granddaughter of Caroline Sofia Johnson Swearingen; while Caroline is my great-great-grandmother. She and I have been in contact and she has provided this next artifact. It is the paperwork allowing Caroline and Alfred, under the […]

In Remembrance of POWs

This is a copy of a post card sent to to John B. Cooke, Jr. from the workers captured by the Japanese when they took Wake Island in December of 1941. John was the Airport/Station Manager for Pan American World Airways (PAA) on Wake Island at the time. When Pearl Harbor was attacked, they recalled […]

Springtime in the early 1970’s

Well, some images should be burned just because of the era that spawned them. And yet, I put this forth as a reminder that ‘fashion’ is fleeting – far faster than family fortunately. Pictured here from left to right are:  (standing) David, Jack, Patricia; (kneeling) Sierra and Alan. From the fancy dress I am guessing […]

My Relation to Aaron Cooke of 1585

Here is a quick and dirty genealogical tree showing how I am related to the ‘first’ Aaron Cooke back in Olde England. If you can tie in to this tree, particularly if your last name is Cooke, please let me know. Soon I hope to post the family tree as I have it in a […]

Caroline Johnson

This is the oldest photo image I have currently in the family archive. It is of my father’s mother’s father’s mother – my great-great grandmother, Caroline Johnson Swearingen. She emigrated with her son Alfred A. Johnson from Groesbeck, Sweden to Marshfield (now Coos Bay), Oregon in 1882-83. At some point after moving to Marshfield, Caroline […]

The Cooke Family in 1913

Here is the Charles Maynard Cooke family as of 1913. In the front row they are:  William (Bill) Forrester Cooke Sr., William Forrester Cooke Jr., Helen Margaret Cooke Johnson (Wilbur’s wife), Sarah Johnson aka Sally Howell, John Bleecker (JB) Cooke Sr., John Bleecker Cooke, Jr., & Alvina (Venie) Nagel Cooke (JB’s wife). In the middle […]

Coat of Arms & Crest

This is the scanned image of the family coat of arms that hung in the homes we lived in for as long as I can remember (which makes it a minimum of 50 years).  As described in heraldic terms it is: Or, a fesse between two lions passant gules and the crest, a wolf’s head […]

The Family Motto

Tutum Monstrat Iter – this is the motto on the family crest that has been part of our family for as long as I have known. Roughly translated from the Latin (and I would appreciate any Latin scholars for correction or clarification) it means: Show them the safe way/path/road. In this I suppose we are […]