My Relation to Aaron Cooke of 1585

Here is a quick and dirty genealogical tree showing how I am related to the ‘first’ Aaron Cooke back in Olde England. If you can tie in to this tree, particularly if your last name is Cooke, please let me know. Soon I hope to post the family tree as I have it in a common geneology format.

John Bleecker Cooke IV (aka Jack) is the 1st son / 1st child of

John Bleecker Cooke III (aka Bleecker) & Patricia Craig Payne Henry Cooke. Bleecker was the 1st son/1st child of

John Bleecker Cooke, Jr (aka John)  & Isyl Florence Johnson Cooke. John was the only son & child of

John Bleecker Cooke (aka JB) & Alvina Caroline Nagel Cooke. JB was the 1st son/1st child of

Charles Maynard Cooke & Sarah Bleecker Luce Cooke. Charles was the 2nd son/2nd child of

Henry Grout Cooke & Helen Margaret Smith Cooke. Henry was the 2nd son/3rd child of

Phineas Cooke & Sophia Grout Cooke. Phineas was the 4th son/6th child of

John Cooke & Elizabeth Smith Cooke. John was the 1st son/1st child of

Aaron Cooke & Anne Cooke (a cousin). Aaron was the 3rd son/4th child of

Lt. Westwood Cooke & Sarah Coleman Cooke. Westwood was the 2nd son/4th child of

Capt. Aaron Cooke & Sarah Westwood Cooke. Aaron was the 1st son/2nd child of

Major Aaron Cooke & Mary Ford Cooke. Aaron was the 1st son/2nd child of

Aaron Cooke & Elizabeth Charde Cooke, both of Bridport, Dorset, England. This Aaron Cooke was born in 1585 and died at the age of 30 in Dec. 1615.

5 Responses to “My Relation to Aaron Cooke of 1585”

  1. Kathy Sloane says:

    I decend from Westwood Cooke’s brother Ichibald.

    Small world? LOL.

  2. Charles Harden, MD says:

    Hi Jack,

    We are probably second or third cousins. My GGgrandmother was Helen Smith Cooke. I have some correspondence from Charles Maynard Cooke and his son (Admiral Cooke of WWII) that you might be interested in seeing. Get back to me if you are interested.

    Charles Harden, MD

  3. Greg says:

    I descend from Westwood’s brother, Moses.

  4. Doug says:

    Hey cousins. My 3GF was also Henry Grout Cooke, I’m from his son Henry Bland Cooke and subsequent line of Harry Cooke’s.

  5. heather says:

    I am the G x 10 granddaughter of aaron cooke… Him and elizabeth had a daughter named elizabeth and i am a decendent of hers..

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