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Housekeeping News

Well, the slow down in posts has been caused by a major life change. We have relocated from central Virginia to south Florida, Fort Lauderdale to be precise. Of course this meant packing and selling the house, lots of things moving in and out of storage ( many things still in storage), finding a new […]

Mea Culpa

The lull in posting has been due to various projects needing attention both around the house and at work. I will say that a magnitude 5.6 earthquake (Mineral VA) and a category 1 hurricane (Irene) were in the mix as well. But more articles are forthcoming.

Springtime in the early 1970’s

Well, some images should be burned just because of the era that spawned them. And yet, I put this forth as a reminder that ‘fashion’ is fleeting – far faster than family fortunately. Pictured here from left to right are:  (standing) David, Jack, Patricia; (kneeling) Sierra and Alan. From the fancy dress I am guessing […]