Coat of Arms & Crest

This is the scanned image of the family coat of arms that hung in the homes we lived in for as long as I can remember (which makes it a minimum of 50 years).  As described in heraldic terms it is: Or, a fesse between two lions passant gules and the crest, a wolf’s head argent ducally gorged gules. Below the coat of arms is the family motto in Latin: ‘Tutum Monstrat Iter”.

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  1. Benjamin cooke says:

    Hey I also share the last name and have had the same crest in my family for as long as I can remember, it is identical but on a ceramic plack

  2. Anna Cooke says:

    I found the exact same one in a genealogy book my grandmother wrote! So cool that we are distantly yet undeniably related!

  3. Harry Cooke says:

    I am not sure whether my family members had a physical crest somewhere but I would love to think this crest is also for my family.
    I would try find out but my grandparents on the ‘Cooke’ side of my family have passed away so I can’t ask them, could ask my dad but :/

    Though I have researched my family’s surname to find out that it came from a cook/chef or food preparer of some sort so perhaps we are related? 🙂

  4. George Cooke says:

    I don’t set much stock in these crests. I have searched and found no
    hard evidence of any family crest in the Aaron Cooke line. I spoke
    with an expert at the College of Arms in London. He was willing to search
    for a fee, but I never paid him to do anything further. Why should be want
    a crest anyway? The Cookes who came here in 1635 were not the
    titled kind; they were poor, landless, and mainly trying just to survive.

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