The Family Motto

Tutum Monstrat Iter – this is the motto on the family crest that has been part of our family for as long as I have known. Roughly translated from the Latin (and I would appreciate any Latin scholars for correction or clarification) it means: Show them the safe way/path/road. In this I suppose we are supposed to be pathfinders, scouts, or leaders, which seems odd for a family name which derives from the servant who prepared food for some noble. Maybe in the distant past we showed them the safe and delicious route to gastronomic bliss. Perhaps we were food tasters in addition, or perhaps some long ago ancestor smuggled a noble, or them selves, out of harms way.

Coming soon will be an image of the family crest with the motto, and perhaps a heraldic explanation of all the parts. Also coming will be the document that started all this – my great grandfather’s written family history.

See you soon – and share your stories or comments via the email addresses on the home page.

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