Caroline Johnson

Front side

Back Side

This is the oldest photo image I have currently in the family archive. It is of my father’s mother’s father’s mother – my great-great grandmother, Caroline Johnson Swearingen. She emigrated with her son Alfred A. Johnson from Groesbeck, Sweden to Marshfield (now Coos Bay), Oregon in 1882-83. At some point after moving to Marshfield, Caroline married a Mr. Swearingin also from Sweden. The Johnson and Swearingin families must have gotten along fairly well if not good friends as later documents show them living on adjoining lots.

Of the many artifacts that Alfred kept of his mother’s were some of her correspondence with friends and relatives back in Sweden, her Swedish Bible, and other odds and ends. I would like to find someone who could read and translate the letters I do have to/from Caroline, so a fuller picture of the family life is had.

Since this image was done in Stockholm Sweden and given the youth of Caroline, I am assuming that the latest date it could be is 1880. The note on the back side of the card was placed there by myself, Jack Cooke. It is conceivable that it could be another Johnson sister who remained in Sweden.

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  1. Sharon Hurst Risvold says:

    Hello from Montana.

    Carolina Sofia Johnson Swearengin is my Great Grandmother.

    Her Daughter Minnie Florence Swearengin my Grandmother

    My Father was Justin Henry Hurst

    I am hoping we can share information.

    I have the paper she brought with her that allows her and Alfred to leave Sweden.

    Also letters Caroline wrote to Alfred while he attend college
    If your interested we could share copies.

    Sincerely Sharon Hurst Risvold

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