The Cooke Family in 1913

Here is the Charles Maynard Cooke family as of 1913.

In the front row they are:  William (Bill) Forrester Cooke Sr., William Forrester Cooke Jr., Helen Margaret Cooke Johnson (Wilbur’s wife), Sarah Johnson aka Sally Howell, John Bleecker (JB) Cooke Sr., John Bleecker Cooke, Jr., & Alvina (Venie) Nagel Cooke (JB’s wife).

In the middle row are: Vera Cooke (Bill’s wife),  Charles Maynard Cooke Sr., Sarah Bleecker Luce Cooke (his wife), Wilbur Johnson, & Stephen Bland Cooke.

In the back row are: Leslie Temple Cooke (Savvy’s wife), Charles (Savvy) Maynard Cooke Jr., & Cornelia (Nee) Priscilla Cooke.

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