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In Remembrance of POWs

This is a copy of a post card sent to to John B. Cooke, Jr. from the workers captured by the Japanese when they took Wake Island in December of 1941. John was the Airport/Station Manager for Pan American World Airways (PAA) on Wake Island at the time. When Pearl Harbor was attacked, they recalled […]

Springtime in the early 1970’s

Well, some images should be burned just because of the era that spawned them. And yet, I put this forth as a reminder that ‘fashion’ is fleeting – far faster than family fortunately. Pictured here from left to right are:  (standing) David, Jack, Patricia; (kneeling) Sierra and Alan. From the fancy dress I am guessing […]

My Relation to Aaron Cooke of 1585

Here is a quick and dirty genealogical tree showing how I am related to the ‘first’ Aaron Cooke back in Olde England. If you can tie in to this tree, particularly if your last name is Cooke, please let me know. Soon I hope to post the family tree as I have it in a […]

Caroline Johnson

This is the oldest photo image I have currently in the family archive. It is of my father’s mother’s father’s mother – my great-great grandmother, Caroline Johnson Swearingen. She emigrated with her son Alfred A. Johnson from Groesbeck, Sweden to Marshfield (now Coos Bay), Oregon in 1882-83. At some point after moving to Marshfield, Caroline […]

The Cooke Family in 1913

Here is the Charles Maynard Cooke family as of 1913. In the front row they are:  William (Bill) Forrester Cooke Sr., William Forrester Cooke Jr., Helen Margaret Cooke Johnson (Wilbur’s wife), Sarah Johnson aka Sally Howell, John Bleecker (JB) Cooke Sr., John Bleecker Cooke, Jr., & Alvina (Venie) Nagel Cooke (JB’s wife). In the middle […]

What Started it All…

This is the first page of Charles Maynard Cooke’s handwritten history, which he called The Cooke Family in America.