70 years ago – Battle of Guam 8th day

When J.B. wrote these missives, he was 59 years old and part of the U.S. Marine invasion force to retake Guam and determine friend from foe. These are his exact words although I have corrected some spellings and any additions/clarifications I have added will be italicized.

Good morning sweet woman

Last night wasn’t so bad. I really got a fair night’s rest. Some heavy firing but not the constant roar. I have just come from the native compound. They are very happy. Jap prisoners are just a short way from them. They too seem happy. Have had breakfast, chopped bacon and powdered eggs, marmalade, field biscuits, and coffee. Yesterday afternoon took a trip up on the Agat Sumay road, to a spot where the Japs set up an elaborate set of mortars and artillery. The place was a shambles, everything blasted out, the area littered with Jap dead. I don’t know how many were buried in the debris, but there were hundreds in sight.

There was a lapse last night, but things are certainly going now. Today is a big one. I just can’t get over this trench business. A naval Commander in the trenches with the marines. Who would have thought it. It’s a rugged experience and I’m glad to be in it.

Four letters came yesterday – all from you – all sweet – full of love and affection. The last was dated 4 July. I was deep in the big bunch of letters from you. Since hearing from you I have visited Emivetok and Kevaglen [Enewetak, future nuclear weapons test site, and Kwajalein- both now part of the Republic of the Marshall Islands] and the Carolines. Mail is fribbling in from Saipan. I hope mine are getting off to you. It is obvious that the censor has eased down. We can talk freely of Guam.

Give my thanks to Hicks and Mort Donahue. Fine fellows. Would like to hear from any of those fellows. I like ’em all. I still have no permanent address for you. Will continue to send your letters to Ventura because I know they will be forwarded immediately. Your Sonoma mail has to be called for and there might be a delay in forwarding.

All my love to you my darling. Things are too hot, have to stop. Love and kisses to the grand wife of mine

– Your devoted Daddy

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