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JB Cooke

70 years ago – Pacific Theater

When J.B. wrote these missives, he was 59 years old and part of the U.S. Marine invasion force to retake Guam and determine friend from foe. These are his exact words although I have corrected some spellings and any additions/clarifications I added will be italicized. July 16th Good Morning Precious, Still no mail and it […]

70 years ago – Letters from the war

When J.B. wrote these missives, he was 59 years old, had retired from the U.S. Navy and gone into politics in the state of California. The advent of World War II changed all that. He was recalled into naval service, put in charge of training first in Hawaii, then in Florida. Due to his (and […]

70 Years ago – The Invasion of Guam

In the spring of 1944, Commander J.B. Cooke was stationed in Miami at the Seventh Naval District’s Headquarters. He provided radio addresses and public relations for the war effort (as seen below) and at some point also partook in the planning of the recapturing of Guam, as he had been the 2nd ranking naval officer […]

18 April 1906 – 108 years ago

In April of 1906 J B Cooke was a seaman in the US Navy and stationed onboard a ship in San Francisco harbor. On Saturday, 14 April 1906, he and a good friend of his, of whom all I know at this point is his last name, Seaman Faries, went ashore in the the afternoon […]

December 1941

December 1941 was an eventful month for some of the Cooke family. On December 1st, JB and Savvy were at their respective Naval commands at Pearl Harbor on the island of Oahu, Hawaii (then still a territory). Isyl, Annie, Bleecker and Phil were also on Oahu at the time. John was on Wake Island as […]

Memorial Day 2011

In honor of those family members who have served in the Armed Forces of the United States and are no longer with us. Here are a few of the Cooke’s who have contributed:  

50th Anniversary of the Commissioning of the USS Luce

50 years ago the US Navy honored one of it’s illustrious officers and visionaries by naming a ship after him. That visionary was Stephen Bleecker Luce, who rose up from the ranks from his first commission as Midshipman from President Van Buren to Admiral and founder of the Naval War College. And Admiral Luce was […]

The Cooke Family in 1913

Here is the Charles Maynard Cooke family as of 1913. In the front row they are:  William (Bill) Forrester Cooke Sr., William Forrester Cooke Jr., Helen Margaret Cooke Johnson (Wilbur’s wife), Sarah Johnson aka Sally Howell, John Bleecker (JB) Cooke Sr., John Bleecker Cooke, Jr., & Alvina (Venie) Nagel Cooke (JB’s wife). In the middle […]